Most people have nothing to hide.  Even if you don’t, you have the right to keep any government agency…the DHS or the police…from entering your house unless they have a warrant.

You don’t have to talk to the police or the DHS either, and normally during a DHS investigation, Tom Graves of the Graves Law Firm does not allow his clients to speak to the police.  He does have them meet with DHS investigators, and he’s present for that interview.  The DHS assessment workers are honestly trying to get their investigations done correctly and are anxious to hear your side.  But they’ll also be ready, willing and able to report their findings to the police.

But police interviews are different and the Graves Law firm cautions its clients not to speak with the police if they are under investigation.  You have an absolute Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

If a DHS worker is doing an assessment of you or someone in your household, they are working under a standard of preponderance of the evidence.  In other words, what is more likely?  Evidence only has to be 50.1 percent versus 49.9 percent for their findings.

If you are being investigated by the DHS, you need strong, competent legal representation.  The Graves Law Firm handles numerous DHS appeals every year.