When you hire a criminal defense lawyer, makes sure they’re willing to take you to a jury trial. Unless you are only charged with a simple misdemeanor, an Iowa defendant has a right to a jury trial. Even then, you can have a jury trial for a simple misdemeanor if you ask for it soon enough.

It’s important that your attorney is willing and able to go to trial. First, criminal defense lawyers willing to go to trial can often achieve the best results in a plea agreement. ¬†Secondly, sometimes there is no way to get a plea agreement good enough … especially if you’re innocent. Sometimes innocent clients are the hardest to get a plea agreement for because what they really need is a dismissal.

But going to trial takes lots of work, and, it’s a grueling process. The State has all the benefits in trial, with investigators (the police) at their beck and call, and, some direct advantages at trial, including the fact that some folks who walk into the jury box will think the state’s attorney wears a white hat. But you can turn those advantages around, as Tom Graves of the Graves Law Firm can show potential clients. And, aggressive, ethical and zealous representation is vital to good results at trial.

At the Graves Law Firm, we’re earnest about criminal defense. Being charged with a crime is a serious and sometimes a life changing event. Get sound legal representation for the best results possible. Call Tom Graves at the Graves Law Firm.