The Iowa Department of Human Services will issue an assessment if they are looking at a report of child abuse and assessing whether or not such abuse is likely to have happened.

Their standard is preponderance of the evidence, which is very low, really only 50.1%. Think of it as a scale, it it’s almost dead even, which side has just a tiny bit more? That’s what’s likely.

There are different reasons and standards depending on the abuse claimed. If someone has said you have committed child abuse…usually as relates your own children, but not necessarily … and the department takes the allegation seriously, it will do an assessment.

There are special assessment workers. They are usually pretty good people trying to do a difficult job. They will want to talk to you right away, because basically they have three weeks to issue the assesment, either saying there’s no cause for concern, or, that you probably committed an act of child abuse.

Sometimes they show up with police. If so, you need counsel right away. I don’t usually allow my clients to talk to the police at all. I want them to talk to assessment workers but I want to be present.

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