The other day an Assistant Attorney General and I engaged in oral argument before a Polk County District Court Judge.  Much of the discussion was about various rules of civil procedure, rules of evidence and whether, for instance, advice not to talk to police translated to a DHS appeal hearing.

I did raise issues I thought were imperative, even though no one else seemed to: what is fair? what is just? how should Iowans be treated when they face the overwhelming power of the government of the State of Iowa?

That’s what bothers me.  I understand procedure is of great importance.  In fact, our protection of due process — a procedural right to notice and a hearing — are the essential constitutional protections of our civil liberties.

But at some point, shouldn’t we ask, are we providing fairness to Iowa citizens?  Are we providing them justice?  If our standards for the government are so low that justice fails to happen, then don’t we need to change them?

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