Elder Abuse

It’s important that the Iowa DHS protects elderly from abuse at the hands of their caretakers. But it’s just as important that innocent persons not be labeled as abusers when all they’re trying to do is take care of their friends and family members the best they can.

For instance, if a son spends money on […]

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DHS Assessments

You may find yourself facing a DHS Assessment for Child Abuse or Dependent Adult Abuse. It would probably be helpful to talk to an attorney before you talk to the DHS, but often, I only hear about it after the assessment is complete.

If they have founded or confirmed that you have committed an act of […]

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Practicing criminal law

There are lots of people who ask me why I so like practicing criminal defense. I’m not sure I can give them an answer. But here’s how I think of it.

Two kinds of people engage me: 1) the person who committed the criminal act and now wants to get the best possible plea deal, and, […]

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Justice for Iowans

The other day an Assistant Attorney General and I engaged in oral argument before a Polk County District Court Judge.  Much of the discussion was about various rules of civil procedure, rules of evidence and whether, for instance, advice not to talk to police translated to a DHS appeal hearing.

I did raise issues I thought […]

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Child abuse

I am reminded today that while I often rail against DHS, there are real cases of child abuse out there and these children need protection.

It seems that most of these cases have a drug connection.  But there are also cases of physical abuse, sexual abuse and just plain old inability of the parents to meet […]

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Raising the bar on a fraud conviction

You may have read today that the former Indianola City Attorney is getting a new trial in his fraud conviction.  That’s because the State of Iowa…and this was approved by the Judge…lowered the bar and made it easier to prove that fraud had occurred.  Basically, the jury was instructed that they could convict if there […]

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Ethics and the lawyer

On my first day of law school, we had an ethics discussion. Ethics are important to attorneys, even those who don’t follow the ethics rules. That’s because the Iowa Supreme Court holds their feet to the fire.

Lawyers’ ethics are not the same as good old traditional morality. For instance, if my client admits he has […]

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Police? DHS? Don’t expect sympathy

There’s a scene in cop movie after cop movie, where the detective tells the suspect that he understands why they did what he thinks they did. “She didn’t appreciate you.” Or, “She led you on.” Or, “You just lost control.”

Don’t be fooled. If the police — or the DHS — comes to question you, they […]

Don’t need a will, do you?

You don’t, unless you care about where your property goes if you die. Oh, and, if you have a minor child, you may want to give the court some direction on who should raise your minor child.

It is axiomatic in U.S. law that one may dispose of his or her property according to his or […]

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What is a DHS Assessment?

What to do if you receive an assessment from the Iowa DHS.
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