DHS Assessments

You may find yourself facing a DHS Assessment for Child Abuse or Dependent Adult Abuse. It would probably be helpful to talk to an attorney before you talk to the DHS, but often, I only hear about it after the assessment is complete.

If they have founded or confirmed that you have committed an act of […]

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Police? DHS? Don’t expect sympathy

There’s a scene in cop movie after cop movie, where the detective tells the suspect that he understands why they did what he thinks they did. “She didn’t appreciate you.” Or, “She led you on.” Or, “You just lost control.”

Don’t be fooled. If the police — or the DHS — comes to question you, they […]

What is a DHS Assessment?

What to do if you receive an assessment from the Iowa DHS.
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Do Grandparents Have Rights in Juvenile Court?

Grandparents are told that they don’t have any custodial rights in Iowa, but when it comes to a child in need of assistance case in juvenile court, that’s simply not true.
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Should you let DHS in your house?

Most people have nothing to hide.  Even if you don’t, you have the right to keep any government agency…the DHS or the police…from entering your house unless they have a warrant.

You don’t have to talk to the police or the DHS either, and normally during a DHS investigation, Tom Graves of the Graves Law Firm […]

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Types of Custody in Iowa

The Iowa courts divide child custody into two categories: legal custody and physical care.
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