Practicing criminal law

There are lots of people who ask me why I so like practicing criminal defense. I’m not sure I can give them an answer. But here’s how I think of it.

Two kinds of people engage me: 1) the person who committed the criminal act and now wants to get the best possible plea deal, and, […]

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Police? DHS? Don’t expect sympathy

There’s a scene in cop movie after cop movie, where the detective tells the suspect that he understands why they did what he thinks they did. “She didn’t appreciate you.” Or, “She led you on.” Or, “You just lost control.”

Don’t be fooled. If the police — or the DHS — comes to question you, they […]

Going to trial

When you hire a criminal defense lawyer, makes sure they’re willing to take you to a jury trial. Unless you are only charged with a simple misdemeanor, an Iowa defendant has a right to a jury trial. Even then, you can have a jury trial for a simple misdemeanor if you ask for it soon […]

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