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You have a legal right to be free from illegal search and seizure. This right is guaranteed by the Iowa Constitution and the U.S. Constitution, Fourth Amendment. Graves Law Firm, P.C., is dedicated to protecting your privacy rights.

Led by criminal defense attorney Thomas Graves, we have more than a decade of experience defending people accused of crimes. We help all clients who are victims of illegal search and seizure by government authorities. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your criminal charges.

Search and Seizure Laws

At Graves Law Firm, we will analyze the facts of your case and the charges alleged to determine if you were subjected to an illegal search and seizure. We will explain the laws to you in terms you understand and guide you through the process as we aggressively defend your rights.

In general, police can only search you or your property if they have probable cause to search. This means a reasonable belief that a crime was committed or will be. If there is no probable cause and no consent, the search and seizure would likely be illegal.

Understand Your Rights

You do not have to consent to a search by police, unless they have a warrant. Police may try to avoid the probable cause requirement by obtaining your permission to search your body, your car or your house. But you do not have to give permission.

You have a right to privacy. Do not give it up unnecessarily. If you allow police to search, anything they find can be used against you.

Why Does Search and Seizure Matter to Your Case?

The issue of illegal search and seizure is extremely important to your case. If police found incriminating evidence against you but did so illegally, we can seek to have that evidence suppressed — or thrown out. The prosecutor will not be able to present this evidence against you. Often, without the evidence, your case could be dismissed.

Des Moines illegal search and seizure attorney Thomas Graves makes it a priority to stay current on developments in this area of the law in order to provide relevant and current legal advice and representation to clients.

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