Juvenile Delinquency

Brushes with law enforcement officers can be a common, if unfortunate, occurrence for minors in Iowa. Although juvenile courts are often more lenient than their adult counterparts, an arrest can still have serious consequences for your minor child. If your child is innocent, it is important that he or she be vigorously defended by an attorney with experience in juvenile court. Even if your child has had a lapse in judgment, or was just swept up in an incident involving other juveniles, he or she deserves representation by a professional criminal defense lawyer with experience in Iowa’s juvenile justice system. Tom Graves of Graves Law Firm, P.C. is dedicated to the welfare and defense of minors in Iowa.

Experienced Iowa Juvenile Defense Attorneys

Although Graves Law Firm does defend juveniles in all levels of crimes, minors are more prone to be arrested for certain types of offenses: DUI or under-aged drinking; possession of marijuana and other drug-related charges; shoplifting/retail theft; vandalism; public disturbances; gang-related crimes; et cetera. Typically-unless your child is nearly 18, or has been charged with a more serious crime-he or she will be tried in Iowa’s juvenile courts. In Iowa’s juvenile justice system, the objective is to get children back on the right track. In cases where conviction is likely, we are often successful in gaining a consent decree, so that the child is never formally convicted of a crime. When the offense is of a more serious nature, or the minor is a habitual offender, our goal as defense attorneys is to keep the case in the juvenile justice system. We will then work on developing a solid legal defense strategy for your child.

Expungement or Sealing of Juvenile Records in Iowa

When your child is arrested, even if the charges are dropped, there is still a record of the incident. However, in most instances, a juvenile record can later be expunged. This essentially means that all history of the arrest and any subsequent actions or proceedings is removed. After Graves Law Firm handles your child’s defense, he or she can begin working on the expungement of the criminal record.

The Graves Law Firm represents juveniles who have been accused of:

Don’t let a lapse in judgement or bad start in life derail your child’s future. For competent, experienced, legal representation from attorneys who know their way around Iowa’s juvenile justice system, contact Graves Law Firm at our Clive, IA office. Our number is 515-309-3776.