You don’t have to be a common criminal to be arrested for drunk driving in the State of Iowa. Law enforcement officers throughout the state take a hard line on drunk driving, and the likelihood of “catching a break” when you’re stopped is very slim. If you’ve been arrested for driving while intoxicated in Des Moines, or anywhere else in Iowa, you’re going to need a competent, professional criminal defense attorney-one who is familiar with defending against drunk driving charges in Iowa’s criminal court system. For years, Graves Law Firm has been representing people who have been arrested for OWI.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Representing Iowans Who Have Been Accused of Drunk Driving

Although the concept of driving under the influence is fairly easy to comprehend-operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 if you’re an adult, or any if you’re a minor-the police investigations can be very complicated. At the Graves Law Firm, we examine each step of the DWI investigation to find potential gaps in the prosecution’s case.

Probable Cause for the Stop: In Iowa, police officers must have probable cause to stop your car. They could either witness a driving pattern that’s consistent with drunk driving, or they could observe a traffic violation. They may also respond to the scene of a car accident that you are involved in.

Physical Indicators: Iowa law enforcement officers are trained to observe your appearance, behavior, and demeanor for any signs of drinking. These indicators include speech patterns, balance, odors, bloodshot eyes, skin tone, mannerisms, et cetera. The way they handle this observation is very important in a contest criminal case.

Field Sobriety Exercises: Also commonly referred to as roadside tests, law enforcement officers will instruct you as to how to do the exercises and then ask you to perform them. The exercises are voluntary, and it is not generally advisable to perform them. Field sobriety exercises are video recorded and presented as part of the prosecution’s case.

Breath Test: This tests the blood alcohol content (BAC) in your system. In Iowa, if you refuse to provide a breath test, your license will be suspended for a year. However, if your test results exceed .08 if you’re an adult or .02 as a minor, you will have provided a crucial piece of evidence to the prosecution. OWI defense attorneys recommend that you refuse to provide a breath sample even though your license will be suspended.

Criminal Defense Attorney Handling All Types of OWI’s

Regardless of whether you provided a breath sample or performed roadside exercises, Graves Law Firm can help. Tom Graves defends clients who have been arrested for their first, second, or third OWI offense. He also represents underage drivers who have been charged under Iowa’s zero tolerance law.

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