Sex Abuse

At Graves Law Firm, P.C., we defend people in the greater Des Moines area and throughout central Iowa facing sex crimes charges, including sexual assault and statutory rape, prostitution, possession of child pornography and Internet sex crimes.

Sex crimes carry serious criminal penalties, but more than that, public disclosure of a sex crime can ruin a career and family life. In any sex crime case, you need a strong and effective defense. Get immediate legal help. Contact a Des Moines crimes defense lawyer at Graves Law Firm for a free consultation by calling 515-309-3776. If you can’t come to us, we will meet you at your home or at the police station.

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Child Sexual Abuse Defense

Child abuse cases are challenging and often depend heavily upon the use of experts. The expert you pick is important to building a defense and to calling into question the prosecutor’s case. This is especially true when the child’s story has changed over time, or, if the child’s story seems coached. We have used an academic expert from a well regarded national university to show the Court that things are always what they seem with child testimony. Polk County child sexual abuse defense lawyer Tom Graves has had considerable experience handling child sex abuse cases due to his extensive work in juvenile and family court. He has defended several child molestation cases involving family members, as well as cases where no physical evidence existed and there were no witnesses to give testimony other than the child, who may have later recanted the story.

Child abuse cases are challenging and often depend heavily upon the use of experts. The expert you pick is very important to building a defense or calling the prosecutor’s case into question, especially if the child recants the story or has told multiple stories. Sometimes the experts on the side of the prosecution have limited experience or experience that is not relevant to the case. In some cases, our Des Moines law firm has used an academic expert from Vanderbilt who has researched and written extensively on the topic of child witnesses.

Violations of the Sex Offender Registration Law

If you were previously convicted of a sex offense and were sentenced to sex offender registration, you face considerable hardship. The requirements of the sex offender registry can be difficult to understand, especially the exclusion zones that specify where you can and cannot live.

The most common violation we see that gets people in trouble is failure to register when you move to a new location. You have five days to re-register after a move but sometimes a move-in date is not as clear-cut as it seems. One of our clients was fixing up a house but was not yet living there when he was re-arrested for non-registration. Another had signed a lease but not moved into the apartment when he was taken back to jail.

We defend people who have been charged with violations of the sex offender registration law.

Work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience handling adult and juvenile sex crime cases in the greater Des Moines area. Contact an Iowa sex crimes defense attorney at Graves Law Firm for a free consultation. Call 515-309-3776 today.