If the police have arrested you for a theft crime, do they really have the evidence to back it up? Sometimes a situation that appears to be a clear-cut crime is not, in fact, so obvious once the facts are known. Sometimes people are charged with a crime not because they committed it, but because the people they are with committed it.

Under U.S. criminal law, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. Don’t take a plea bargain if the proof isn’t there.

At the Des Moines law office of Graves Law Firm, P.C., we defend the rights of people accused of theft crimes. If the prosecutor doesn’t have a good case, we don’t want to see you do time. We aggressively defend our clients’ rights in negotiations, plea bargaining and in criminal court.

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Defense attorney Thomas P. Graves provides experienced criminal defense for people charged with misdemeanor and felony theft crimes, including:

Guilt by Association Should Not Happen in Court

We have handled a number of cases where our client was charged with a theft crime because a person they were with committed a crime. If someone does not confess to the theft, then the police will arrest everyone in the group. You could face shoplifting charges even though the evidence against you could equally apply to someone else. In such cases, we try to get the charges dismissed. If we can’t, we work to prove that the evidence does not implicate you in the crime and to help the jury understand that there is room to doubt the charges.

Prior Convictions

If it looks like you will be charged and possibly convicted of a theft crime, we work to get the charges reduced as much as possible in order to minimize the harm a conviction could do to your life. If you have no prior offenses, it’s easier to get an alternative sentence. If you have had past trouble with theft or stealing, you face increased penalties.

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