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Iowa’s juvenile courts can dictate the future of our children and grandchildren. The right to parent our children is a fundamental one, recognized as such by the United State Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, every day in Iowa some juvenile court takes away the rights of adults to parent their own children. Termination of parental rights is the terminal action by an Iowa juvenile court to separate the legal relationships between parents and children. Iowa parents and grandparents need and deserve expert advice on how to succeed in Iowa’s juvenile court system.

Iowa’s juvenile courts have two different kinds of proceedings:

  • Children in need of assistance:
    Also called a CINA proceeding, these cases are about the welfare of the children. They usually arise after the Department of Human Services has issued an assessment which finds that one or both parents are guilty of some kind of abuse. There are many different kinds of abuse possible, all of which are explored on this page.Many times, all parents really need is help working their way through the system. We can help parents avoid the pitfalls of the child welfare system.Sometimes, however, it’s our job to fight the department and the county attorney’s office and resist having a CINA case even open.If the case gets to a termination, expert counsel is needed to put the parent’s best foot forward, to the juvenile court and even on appeal.

    At the Graves Law Firm, we have experience over many years in representing parents in CINA cases.

  • Juvenile delinquency:
    If your minor child or grandchild is charged with a crime, he or she will usually be referred to the juvenile delinquency system. This begins with a juvenile court officer, who may or may not refer the matter to juvenile court.Rehabilitation is the key in the delinquency system. Your child or grandchild deserves an attorney who works regularly in criminal court and juvenile court, to assure the best result for now and the future. Sometimes, as in criminal court, an juvenile court lawyer must hold a trial and work to get the juvenile acquitted. Other times, agreeing to services and seeking a consent decree which eliminates a juvenile court record, is best for the child. We at the Graves Law Firm are here to help the child and do what’s in his or her best interest.

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